What are your goals? Goal-setting logics in Danish Parkinson’s rehabilitation

Merete Tonnesen; Claus Vinther Nielsen; Rikke Sand Andersen


Across rehabilitation fields, rehabilitees and professionals meet to set rehabilitation goals. Portrayed as an ordinary, yet foundational practice in rehabilitation, participants often find goal-setting meetings challenging; ideal and real seem to clash. Based on a long-term fieldwork in Danish Parkinson’s disease rehabilitation, we explore goal-setting and its rationale to gain insight into why goal-setting qualifies as challenging. We find that challenges relate to disease, organizational matters and an imbalance in institutional knowledge, but also that different logics, of choice, interdependence, and accountability, entangle and affect goal-setting. A competitive aspect between goal-setting logics appears pivotal to understand the challenges in goal-setting.

What Are Your Goals? Goal-Setting Logics in Danish Parkinson’s Rehabilitation

Udgivelsesform Videnskabelige artikler
År 2022
Udgiver Medical Anthropology