– a better life for citizens, patients and relatives

DEFACTUM Research and Consultancy is aiming to be leading in applied research and development within social and health services and labour market issues. DEFACTUM is a part of Central Denmark Region, one of five Danish administrative regions, politically-led by a regional council with elected politicians.

DEFACTUM contributes to develop future welfare solutions in Denmark.

Vision: New knowledge - New paths - Better life

We strive to establish links between Research & development, Practice and Policy.

We strive to establish links between Research & development, Practice and Policy.

A better life for citizens, patients and relatives is our beacon. A better life across sectors and professions. Our key task is to create new knowledge and develop new paths for initiatives and projects across sectors and professions. DEFACTUM uses approaches contributing to develop the welfare society to comply with our vision of a better life for citizens.

DEFACTUM delivers high-quality and professional solutions. We aim for solutions that make a difference!

Our DNA and strategic priorities

To meet our vision – New knowledge – New paths – Better life – we work systematically with four priorities. They are integrated in the DEFACTUM DNA and we strive to systematically develop the four priorities to be leading in our field.

Our four priorities:




What we do

At DEFACTUM, we always strive to create societal impact by implementing our acquired knowledge into practice. Accordingly, our research and solutions are application-oriented. Although anchored in the public sector, our collaborators include other researchers, consultants, decision-makers and professionals – public as well as private on a local, national and international level. Additionally, DEFACTUM is associated with Department of Public Health at Aarhus University and our research follows the same international standards regarding quality.

In our research unit, Research on Public Health, we work on a wide aspect of public health topics from data, rehabilitation, patient involvement, psychiatry and mental health, inequality in health and health service research. Our insistence on research meeting international standards and creating societal impact makes us an increasingly sought after partner in international projects under Horizon Europe, Interreg etc.

In our two other unit, Data & Analysis, and Quality Development, we continually test new methods and tailor projects according to your requirements. Among the services we provide are: evaluations, audits, user surveys. monitoring, analyses, quality development initiatives, research in health service, rehabilitation and health promotion/prevention and public health.