A cross-sectional study evaluating potential differences in the need for cancer survivorship care in relation to patients' socioeconomic status

Charlotte Handberg; Marie Louise Overgaard Svendsen; Thomas Maribo

RESULTS: A total of 90% patients expressed one or more needs in the physical area, 51% in the emotional area, and 40% in the practical area. Patients in primary care expressed more needs than patients in hospital. Men expressed more needs than women in primary care (adjusted odds ratio (OR) (95% confidence interval (CI)): 2.66 (1.04 - 6.79)). The results indicate that higher socioeconomic status is associated with fewer stated needs.

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Udgivelsesform Videnskabelige artikler
År 2019
Udgiver Journal of Clinical Medicine Research (JOCMR)
ISBN/ISSN DOI: 10.14740/jocmr3871
Længde 9 sider