Patterns of victimization: A person-centered approach to physical and sexual violence in a representative sample of Danish youth

Mathias Lasgaard; Nanna Lindekilde; Rikke Holm Bramsen
Professionals and policy makers have only recently begun to recognize the extent to which different types of victimization are interconnected. To enhance our knowledge of the co-occurrence of physical and sexual violence across childhood and adolescence/early adulthood, the present study investigated distinct typologies of victimization in a sample of adolescents and young adults and explored the relationship between victimization typologies and gender, age, and mental health. Data from the Danish 2013 National Health Survey ("How are you?") were used. Latent class analysis (i.e., a person-centered approach) was used to identify typologies of physical and sexual victimization in a representative sample of 3812 adolescents and young adults aged 16-24 years. Five distinct victimization typologies emerged: a normative, non-victimization group (76%), a physical victimization in adolescence/early adulthood group (13%), a physical revictimization group (5%), a poly-victimization group (4%), and a physical victimization in childhood group (2%). Physical revictimization, poly-victimization, and physical victimization in childhood were highly associated with poor mental health status. Using a latent variable modeling approach, we identified meaningful subgroups of the victimized population. Two subgroups (i.e., physical revictimization and poly-victimization), which comprised a third of all individuals in the victimization subgroups, had a high probability of exposure to multiple traumatic events and poor mental health. These study findings underscore the need to promote interventions addressing the co-occurrence of physical and sexual victimization and the persistence of victimization over time.

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Udgivelsesform Videnskabelige artikler
År 2018


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