Community families: A qualitative study of families who volunteer to support persons with severe mental illness

Lotte Groth Jensen; Stina Lou; Jørgen Aagaard; Ulla Væggemose
Background: Social interventions targeted at people with severe mental illness (SMI) often include volunteers. Volunteers’ perspectives are important for these interventions to work. This article investigates the experiences of volunteer families who befriend a person with SMI. Material: Qualitative interviews with members of volunteer families. Discussion: The families were motivated by helping a vulnerable person and by engaging in a rewarding relationship. However, the families often doubted their personal judgement and relied on mental health workers to act as safety net. Conclusion: The volunteer involvement is meaningful but also challenging. The families value professional support.

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Udgivelsesform Videnskabelige artikler
År 2016
Udgiver International Journal of Social Psychiatry


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Lotte Groth Jensen

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Lotte Groth Jensen; Stina Lou Ulla Væggemose