Assesment of primary rehabilitation needs in nerological rehabilitation: translation, adaptation and face validity of the Danish version of Rehabilitation Complexity Scale-Extended

Thomas Maribo, Asger R. Pedersen, Jim Jensen og Jørgen F. Nielsen

<![CDATA[Abstract Background: Assessing primary rehabilitation needs in patients with acquired brain injury is a challenge due to case complexity and the heterogeneity of symptoms after brain injury. The Rehabilitation Complexity Scale-Extended (RCS-E) is an instrument used in assessment of rehabilitation complexity in patients with severe brain injury. The aim of the present study was to translate and test the face validity of the RCS-E as a referral tool for primary rehabilitation. Face validity was tested in a sample of patients with acquired brain injury. Methods: Ten clinicians and records from 299 patients with acquired brain injury were used in the translation, cross-cultural adaptation and face validation study of the RCS-E. RCS-E was translated into Danish by a standardized forward-backward translation by experts in the field. Face validity was assessed by a multi-professional team assessing 299 patients. The team was asked their opinion on whether the RCS-E presents a sufficient description of the patients. Results: The RCS-E was translated according to international guidelines and tested by health professionals; some adaptations were required due to linguistic problems and differences in the national health system structures. The patients in the study had a mean age of 63.9 years (SD 14.7); 61 % were male. We found an excellent face validity with a mean score of 8.2 (SD 0.34) assessed on a 0–10 scale. Conclusions: The RCS-E demonstrated to be a valid assessment of primary rehabilitation needs in patients with acquired brain injury. Excellent face validity indicates that the RCS-E is feasible for assessing primary rehabilitation needs and the present study suggests its applicability to the Danish health care system. Keywords: Assessment of rehabilitation needs, Translation and adaption, Validation, Complexity of rehabilitation needs, Neurological rehabilitation, Acquired brain injury, Needs assessment, Psychometric properties,]]>

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Udgivelsesform Videnskabelige artikler
År 2016
Udgiver BMC Neurology


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