Gaps in understanding health and engagement with healthcare providers across common long-term conditions - a population survey of health literacy in 29.473 Danish citizens

Karina Friis; Mathias Lasgaard; Richard H Osborne; Helle T Maindal.
Objectives To (1) quantify levels of subjective health literacy in people with long-term health conditions (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, musculoskeletal disorders, cancer and mental disorders) and compare these to levels in the general population and (2) examine the association between health literacy, socioeconomic characteristics and comorbidity in each long-term condition group.

BMJ Open

Udgivelsesform Videnskabelige artikler
År 2016
Udgiver BMJ Open


Karina Friis

Karina Friis

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Karina Friis; Mathias Kamp Lasgaard