Why we need to move beyond diagnosis-related groups and how we might do so

Marie-Louise Kirchoff Sørensen; Viola Burau
ABSTRACT: Diagnosis-related groups are widespread across Europe and they are meant to be a central instrument to improve the activity and efficiency of hospitals. However, there are many examples of diagnosis-related groups having adverse effects which are difficult to control and which endanger the goals of health care systems in terms of efficiency, equity and quality. Political and administrative decision makers therefore need to fundamentally rethink hospital governance and consider new systems of budgeting and performance measurement. Central Denmark Region is currently piloting a system, based on the Triple Aim approach, which may offer inspiration.
Udgivelsesform Bidrag til bøger/antologier
År 2015
Udgiver J Health Serv Res Policy. 2015 May 12. pii: 1355819615586444.


Viola Burau