Nasrin Tayyari Dehbarez

Nasrin Tayyari Dehbarez

Forsker, Master of Health Economics, ph.d.

+45 9396 1962


All my job experience is within health sector. I have experience of working at a Medical University and at a University hospitals in Iran and now in CFK. I was responsible for conducting some researches before a project starts. I was mostly responsible for health economics sector of projects. I was also exacutive officer for implementing a new Hospital Information System at hospitals. Beside my job, I have experience as volunteer in activities related to nature preservation.


  • Ability to formulate a research issue
  • Motivation
  • Team work
  • Adaptability


Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Stockholm 3 Testing Compared to PSA as the Primary Blood Test in the Prostate Cancer Diagnostic Pathway: A Decision Tree Approach. Bettina Wulff Risør; Nasrin Tayyari Dehbarez; Jacob Fredsøe; Karina Dalsgaard Sørensen; Bodil Ginnerup Pedersen. Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, 2022.

Intravenøs antibiotikabehandling i eget hjem – en medicinsk teknologivurdering. Claus Løvschall; Bettina Wulff Risør; Nasrin Tayyari Dehbarez; Kathrine Carstensen; Lotte Groth Jensen; Anne Marie Ladehoff Thomsen; Stina Lou; Anne Sophie Steen Boisen; Lina Thirup; Amalie Hahn Jensen; Sofie Just Nielsen; Lotte Ørneborg Rodkjær; Merete Storgaard; Ulla Hjort; Katrine Seier Fridthjof; Tania Truelshøj; Helle Lyng; Helene Bech Rosenbrandt; Søren Christian Therkelsen. DEFACTUM, 2021.

Videnskabelig artikel: Omkostninger ved Læring og Mestring – 3 års opfølgning(LC-REHAB) Nasrin Tayyari Dehbarez; Camilla Palmhøj Nielsen; Bettina Wulff Risør; Claus Vinther Nielsen; Vibeke Lynggaard;. BMJ Journals, 2020.

Implementation of integrated operating rooms: how much time is saved and how do medical staff experience the upgrading? A mixed methods study in Denmark. Kathrine Carstensen; Emma Kejser Jensen; Mads Lænsø Madsen; Anne Marie Ladehoff Thomsen; Claus Løvschall; Nasrin Tayyari Dehbarez; Bettina Wulff Risør. BMJ Open, 2020.

Cost–utility analysis of learning and coping versus standard education in cardiac rehabilitation: a randomized controlled trial with 3 years of follow-up. Nasrin Tayyari Dehbarez; Camilla Palmhøj Nielsen; Bettina Wulff Risør; Claus Vinther Nielsen; Vibeke Lynggaard. Open Heart Journal, 2020.

Shared care versus hospital-based cardiac rehabilitation: a cost-utility analysis based on a randomised controlled trial. Jannik B Bertelsen; Nasrin Tayyari Dehbarez; Jens Refsgaard; Helle Kanstrup; Søren P. Johnsen; Ina Qvist; Bo Christensen; Rikke Søgaard; Kent L. Christensen . 2018.

Does free choice of hospital conflict with equity of access to highly specialized hospitals? A case study from the Danish health care system. Nasrin Tayyari Dehbarez; Dorte Gyrd-Hansen; Niels Uldbjerg; Rikke Søgaard. 2018.

Women's Preferences for Birthing Hospital in Denmark: A Discrete Choice Experiment. Nasrin Tayyari Dehbarez; Morten Raun Mørkbak; Dorte Gyrd-Hansen; Niels Uldbjerg; Rikke Søgaard . 2018.

Hospital choice in times of restructuring the hospital sector. Nasrin Tayyari Dehbarez. 2018.

Pregnant women's choice of birthing hospital: a qualitative study on individuals' preferences. Nasrin Tayyari Dehbarez; Stina Lou; Niels Uldbjerg; Anne Møller; Dorte Gyrd-Hansen; Rikke Søgaard. Journal of Women and Birth, 2017.

Videnskabelig artikel: Omkostninger ved Læring og Mestringsmetoden (LC-REHAB) Nasrin Tayyari Dehbarez; Vibeke Lynggaard; Ole May; Rikke Søgaard. BMC Health Services Research, 2015.

Ansættelser og projekterfaring

2015-2018 Ph.d. student in health economics

2014-2015 Research assistant at CFK

2007-2013 Health System Research officer at a University hospital - Hormozgan Medical University- Iran

2005-2007 medical equipment expert

2003-2005 Hospital Affairs expert


2011 Master of Health economics

2003 Bachelor of Health Services Administration

Kurser, konferencer m.m.

2014-2014 ISPOR meetings at Aarhus University

2014-2014 CFK annual meeting

2014-2014 Dansk selskabe for sundhedsøkonomi

Undervisning og anden særlig erfaring

2014-2014 Health Economics, for the HTA students, Aarhus University

2011-2012 "Health Economics" and "insurance and payment systems in health sector" at Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences