Personalized Medicine in the Welfare State (MeInWe) Personlig medicin i velfærdsstaten (MeInWe)

Personalized Medicine in the Danish Welfare State (MeInWe) explores how strategies of tailoring diagnosis, treatment and prevention to individual genetic variability challenge existing ethical, organizational and regulatory frameworks in medicine.

The project asks two central questions:

• How is “the personal” understood and established when genomic data are applied and exchanged in Danish health care?

• Which collectivities — e.g. species, ethnicity, nation, health care services, and ultimately the welfare state — are implied in constituting “the personal”?

The project is placed at University of Copenhagen and DEFACTUM leads work package 5, which is a political science investigation of the politics of personalized medicine in Denmark. Drawing on sciences and technology studies and practice theory, it investigates how the political and organizational agendas related to personalized medicine are formed and come to shape the use of genomic technologies in Danish health care. In addition, the research explores how clinical science and social science travel into these political arenas, undergo various forms of translations and become politically metabolized in public health care. By investigating these processes, the aim is to understand the coming into being of organizational and political frameworks shaping our understanding of "the personal" and “the collective” in personalized medicine.

The project as a whole consist of five different work packages all contributing to the central research questions.

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Projektstatus Afsluttet
Afslutning 2022